Three Treasures Holistic Health

Offering healing to all creatures great and small!


The cultivation of the “Three Treasures” is considered to be the highest form of healing. It forms the foundation of Chinese Herbalism and all the Oriental healing arts.

The common thread connecting it all is the philosophy of the “Three Treasures” involving: Vitality (Jing), Energy (Chi) Spirit (Shen). These are the three primary energies that constitute life.

Jing, Chi and Shen are referred to as “Treasures” because they are so important to our very existence that they should be ‘treasured’ throughout our lifetime.

Our mission at Three Treasures Holistic Health is to help you to cultivate your vitality, energy, and spirit so that you may live the happy, long and healthy life you were meant to live.


Three Treasures' healing space

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